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On The Rocks 2011 Fishing Pictures Page         


  Last Update October 8, 2011                



A few 2011  Charter Pictures



October 5,2011 Steve Smith False Albacore



Oct 3 2011 Ray Pettus



October 3 2011 Bruce Shepley



October 1,2011 Chris and Jamie Nolan

pair of false albacore



October 1,2011 Roger Nolan

Nice job dad


September 26,2011 Jim Capone False Albacore



September 25,2011 Dan Sachs 11lbs Bluefish



September 24,2011 Pat Reavey  First false Albacore


Sept 23,2011 Art Coia




September 23 2011 Nic Delborocco False Albacore



September 23,2011 Mike Barner False Albacore



September 21,2011Gerry Lang False Albacore on the fly


Sept 21,2011 Bryan Lang First  False Albacore



September 17,2011 jack Joseph False Albacore



September 15, 2011 Kris Lower Steve Boos

pair of False Albacore



September 15,2011 Steve Boos striper



Silversides. typical bait



Arthur Coia false Albacore Sept 14,2011



Sept 14,2011



Sept 14.2011 John Kellly



September 13 2011 Capt Rene

False Albacore


Sept. 9,2011 first Albie



Sept 10 2011 false Albacore



Sept 12 2011 Art Coia False Albacore



August 22 John Kaplan 12 lb, bluefish



August 21  Aj  Coia with a nice Sea bass



August 12 John Steward 31 in Striper Newport



August 11,2011 Charles Lawrence

 Newport Striper


August 10, 2011:


August 2 Nice Striper from the rocks


July 27 2011 Bob Connolly Block Island Bluefish


July 24 Chris Hampson Block Island Striper



July 23 Captain's Catch Jamestown RI

30inch Striper



July 23 Jamestown RI



Tony Finocchiaro / Jamestown RI

14 lb Striper


Tony Finocchiaro Jamestown

10lb Bluefish


July 19,2011 Narragansett bay

loaded with large bait


July 9,2011 Newport RI

Lisa Davey first striper 30inch



July 9,2011 Jamestown

Lisa Davey Striper # 2   31 inch



July 9.2011 Jamestown RI

Paul Davey 7lb Bluefish



July 7,2011 Tyler Malandain

First Bluefish


  Matt and Dave Patrick nice Fluke

Jamestown RI


July 3 2011 Bennett with his very first Fish



June 28,2011 Brandon Nicolaisen

30inch Striper Newport RI


June 27 Chris Hampson Newport RI

8 lb Bluefish


June 24, Captain Rene/ 32 inch Striper

 Sakonnet River


June 24 Capt Rene  Striper

Sakonnet River


June 23 Todd Groessl 9lb Bluefish

Jamestown RI



June 23 Tom Hollenbeck 9lb Bluefish

Jamestown RI



June 23 Todd Groessl

Narragansett RI



June 21, 2011 Allen Loiselli 7 lb Bluefish

Narragansett RI


JUNE 20,2011Chris Deighan  7 lb Bluefish

Newport RI


June 14 2011 David Pollack

Jamestown RI


June 8,2011

Narragansett Bay



30 Striper on the fly heavy structure


May 28 2011


May 28

Striper on the fly rod Narragansett bay



May 27

Narragansett Bay Striper



May 27

Captain Catch 33 inch Striper

Narragansett Bay


May 22 Ed's first Striper of the year





September 14 2010 Bruce Shepley   False Albacore



August  31 2010  Bill Walters

Newport Striper on the Fly




August 27 2010 Chad Goslink

 Nice bluefish





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