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October 2012





October 12,2012 James Coutuer 30lb Striper


October 12,2012 Jim Coutuer Newport Striper



October 8,2012  Joe Currier




October 8,2012 tight to the beach



October  5, 1012 Captain Catch



 Fish ON




October 5,2012 Phil Barrett again



October 2,2012 Phil Barrett first of 8 today



September 25,2012 Leo Letourneau  9 lb. Bluefish



September 24,2012 Chuck Koteen first Albie


September 24,2012 Chuck Koteen Striper



September 22,2012 Tony Palazzolo  32 in Striper his first




September 22,2012 Jeff Grandchamp 29in Striper




September 22,2012 Tony Palazzolo First Albie



September 22,2012 Jeff Grandchamp First Albie


 September 17,2012 Brian Komenda First Albie




September 15,2012 Chris Penn With her first False Albacore  RI





September 15,2012 Tyler Atkins



September 14,2012  Arthur Coia




September 13,2012 AJ with his dad, albie



September 13,2012 Morning Dorothy Fibendger



September 12,2012 another one landed



September 12,2012 Jack Joseph False albacore



September 11,2012 Captain Ray Stachelek



September 9,2012 in your mouth



September 11,2011 One of many today



September 8,2012 Tom Rosenbauer Orvis



September 4,2012 Phil Barrett   first Bonito



August 27,2012 Tony Finocchairo 11lb bluefish Newport



August 27,2012 Eve Ressa Newport RI



 August 25,2012 Ben Ellis with his first fish Newport RI



August 23,2012 Captains catch 12 Bluefish


August 23,Striper Newport Ri



Aug14 Leo Letourneau, Newport  schooolie



Aug 8,2012 Phil with a 8lb Bluefish on Ultra light tackle




 July 30,2012 Phil Newport Striper



July 24 Phil Barrett with a Newport Striper




July17,2012 Rich Frye Jamestown striper



Keaton Williams first  salt water fish 26' Striper block Island




Jume27,2012 Mark Sciarrotta 12lb Bluefish



June 23,2012 Chantal first bluefish



June 22,2012 Jim Cassidy with a nice fly rod striper



June 20 Silverside 4" bait of choice in Narragansett Bay



June 12,2012 John Liston 15lb Striper Block Island





June 12,2012 Tom Roberts with a Block Island Striper



June 10,2012 Tom Kirei Block Island Striper



June10,2012 Ric Richter with a Striper caught on Block Island



June 8,2012 Narragansett Bay Charles Lawrence 15 lb Striper



June 7,2012 Gary  with a Block Island Striper



June 6.2012 Captain Rene 15-20 lb Striper



May 31, 2012 Beautiful fly rod Striper



May 31,2012 Rene with 18lb lb Striper



May 30, 2012 Chris Hoffner first Striper



May 24,2012 Jim Cassidy

 Newport ,white water striper



May 19 Justin or Phil 25"

Narragansett bay school striper



May 18 2012 Hanson Guest

 Narragansett bay school striper



May 16 Jose Guillen first Striper 30'



May 15  Chip with a

Narragansett bay 30 "  Striper



May 14 School Striper

 Narragansett Bay


May 13 Lou Cantelmo First Striper

 31 "  very nice



May 13 Brandon Cantelmo  First Striper.



May12 Charles Lawrence

Narragansett Bay




  May 5 2012

 Capt with first fish of the season




A few 2011  Charter Pictures



October 5,2011 Steve Smith False Albacore



Oct 3 2011 Ray Pettus








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