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On The Rocks 2016 Fishing Pictures


October 19,2017



Barney Keezell  early morning albie


October 18,2017



Narragansett Bay school striper



October 6,2017


Kurt Ransohoff back for another day albie fishing


October 5,2017



Kurt Ransohoff nicely done


October 4,2017


Jim Cassidy early morning bite.



October 3,2017


Sue first false albacore


October 3,2017


Peter Newport false albacore



September 30,2017


Carlo Bademer From Italy to catch false albacore


September 30.2017


Phil Steriti ,first False albacore.


September 16,2017


Jim Coley first false albacore.


September 16,2017

Debbie Coley ,first false albacore with the fly rod


September 15,2017


Kevin Stevens first false albacore


September 15,2017

Alex Guather first False albacore



September 14,2017


Pete Kutzer early morning albie

match the hatch (think not)



Michael Amicangioli first false albacore



September 13,2017


Bill Koury



September 12,2017


Jim Cassidy first of many today


September 9,2017


Sean O'Brien, nice school striper



September 2,2107

Luke and Spencer landed their first Striper's today.

Fly fishing and many more



August 29.2017

Jim Cassidy 15 lb striper



August 24,2017

Brian DICK 8  LB Bluefish


August 21,2017

Captain Ray Stachelek fun day








August 10,2017


Todd Corayer typical school striper



August 7,2017


Chantal Letourneau striper


August 4,2017


John Hagan with a school striper



August 2,2017

Arthur Douville granddaughter Kelcey




August 1,2017


Lucas Bobay first striper on fly


July 27,2017


Joe Bartolomei, got his first striper today and more. 


July 21,2017


Dave Henault start your day a little bit better.


July 20,2017


Joe Caiazzo typical school striper




Adam Blanchard first Striped bass


July 19,2017


Brian Dick nice school striper.



July 18,2017


Brian Dick one of Many today



July 12,2017

Jeremy Edge ,first fly rod striper



July 12,2017


Todd Paquett, catching stripers like the days of his childhood.



July 10,2017


Matt Thompson with a fat Tautog on the fly

Along with stripers and blues today.


June 26,2017


Nick Ober, Striper not quite big enough



June 25,2017


Adam Hooper first striper


June 21,2017

Tom Poirier 13 lb striper Light tackle



June 16,2017



Chris Lynch 19 Fluke


Chris Lynch 6lb bluefish






Joe Exner 15 lb striper


June 9,2017

Jim Reardon 14lb striper top water action



June 9, 2017


Adam Neale one of many today

June 2,2017

Shawn and his son Shawnak



November 3, 2016


  Start your day a little bit better



School stripers on the feed


Doesn't get any better than this,


October 29,2016

Aquidneck Island Tautog tournament

Pair of 7Lb Tautog

my two best for the day


October 20,2016


  Kevin Stevens  one of many today fly fishing  Newport .



October 19,2016


john Fietkiewicz albie



OCTOBER 16,2016



October sunrise


October 15, 2016


Peter Durkin fly fishing . Fall run striper



October 11,2016


Jack Josephs


October 8,2016


RJ roman first false albacore



October 7,2016

Shirish Nadkarni first albie  fly fishing


October 6,2016


Bruce winchell



John Hagan ,Newport albie


October 3, 2016

 Gill Valentine, lots of these today.





Andy DiPaolo, False albacore




Ron Boehm , sea bass 




September 25,2016


Robert Edwards first on fly



Tim O'Brien first on fly



September 24,2016



 Peter Jenkins Fly fishing, Albie's





September 23,2016

Eric Bright   Early morning bite. One of many




Bob Bright  nice albie



September 22,2016


  Tom McLaughlin Rhode Island slam.



September 22,2016



Robert Pierce first time saltwater fly fishing.



September 21,2016


Jack Joseph fly rod albie



  September 19,2016



David  Tuberfield  early morning striper.



September 18, 2016

Happy Birthday to Sam Montgomery, With Paul Ma


September 16,2016


Best picture today



September 16,2016


Peter Nilsen  Rhode Island slam today


September 14, 2016

Joe Exner first false albacore



 Jim Cassidy  / fly fishing



September 13 ,2016

John Hagan


September 12 ,2016

Captain catch

false albacore Newport


September 12 ,2016


Gill Valentine false albacore




 False Albacore back in town



September 9,2016


Todd Corayer breaking in his new rod, first striper on  fly


September 3, 2016

Seth Berger first time saltwater fly fishing



September 2,2016

 Big Bluefish


September 2,2016

Captain catch


August 31,2016


Start you day  a little bit better



August 25,2016


   Brian Dick One of many today



 August 24,2016


Brian Dick Bonito one of many today


 August 19,2016


Fred Ferbush first Blue fish, fly fishing


August 9,2016


Brian Jacoby ,big blue on small plastic




August 9,2016

Marshall Robinson Top water bluefish


August 8,2016


Matt Fernandes, first bonito of the year.


August 4,2016

Anthony Jerussi, 10 lb bluefish



August 3,2016


 Fred Weiss,  first time  striper fisherman one of many


July 31,2016


 Thomas Heller fly fishing Newport





 Will Wingate /Joe Freeman 

 Top water ,fly rod




Joe Freeman



July 25,2016



July 25,2016 Joe Lu  first striper on the fly



July 25,2016

Megin Gatley her first  fly rod striper


July 16,2016

Matt Costa ,his first catching experience


July 16,2016

John Costa, one of many caught today.

Newport light tackle




Sean VanDeusen , just not big enough

light tackle





  Matt Libera ,One of Many today


July 6 ,2016


Jim Cassidy, white water striper



July 5,2106


July 5,2016 John Ober light tackle


July 1,2016


Still loads of school size stripers Narragansett bay

downsize your tackle great fun


June 30,2016


Marc Tye / LeSueur  MN.    first striper


June 23,2016


Not the best fish today ,one of many



June 21,2016

Light tackle top water 20+



June 20,2016


 John Hagan, top water striper.


 June 16,2016


Herman Ho, nice top water striper


June16 2016

Rich Lipsitz  Narragansett Bay striper.


Rich Lipstiz  his best today


June 7,2016


Captain Catch 15 lb striper



 June 6, 2016



  James McJunkin First on Fly


  June 5,2016



 One of many today



May 31,2016



 May 31,2016 


Give them what they want Live bait



May 19,2016


May19,2016 Gill valentine 18 lb striper


May 18, 2016


May 18, 2016

Nice striper early morning bite


  May 12, 2016


Striper fly fishing Narragansett Bay



On The Rocks 2015 Fishing Pictures

 November 5,2015

Vicky with her best Tautog today 8 lb



November 2,2015


  Gil valentine two of many today.



October 27,2015

 Alex Gaither first striper, fly fishing


October 27,2015

Keven Stevens Alex Gaither double trouble



October 21,2015

Kevin Stevens with a 11 lb bluefish



October 12,2015

Gil Valentine 10lb Bluefish



October 9,2015


Kurt Ransohoff , tough conditions today



October 7,2015



John Hagan good to be back  lots of these today



 September 28,2015


 John Hagan false albacore



  September 26, 2015

Mark Kohler first false albacore.



September 24,2015

 Tim  Savannah GA. got one


September 22,2015


Ben Alex first ,false albacore


September 22,2105


Steve Alex with his first False albacore

the seas were angry today



September 19,2015


Hunter Harlow first False albacore





Marc Sykes nice false albacore


September 18,2015

Gary Bayrd great day today.


  September 18,2015


 Gary Byrd his best



September 18,2015

Marc Sykes his best 30 inch striper




September 17,2015


Gary Bayrd his first striped bass.


  September 17,2015

Marc Sykes first striper



September 16,2015


Gary Bayed with a nice blue fish his first.


September 16 2015

Gary Bayed back today  for more albies


 September 15,2015


Marc Sykes first False albacore


September 15,2015

Gary  Bayed first   False albacore


September 9,2015


Al Winkler first Bluefish 12lbs

(Steelers fans)


 September 9,2105


Cindy Winkler first Striper


September 8,2015


September 8,2015 Carl Borromeo


 September 4,2015


Matt Mundt one of many today





 August 24,2015


 Tim Parkin ,first salt water fish .

24 inch striper


August 24


  Lindsey first striper



August 19,2015


Brian  Dick   Slam today



August 19,2015


Brian Dick Light tackle Bonita



 August 19,2015




Brian early morning bite




 August 18,2015


Brian Dick 


August 17,2015


 Lots of these today.



 August 13,2015


Joe  Bray, 15,lb striper


 August 13,2015


Aug 13,2015 Jill  Bray, First Bonito


August 10,2015


 Dave with a nice Atlantic Green Bonito



July 31 ,2015


Gil Valentine  Another nice fish




July 31.2015

Gil Valentine 15 lb striper



July 28,2015


John Fietkiewicz 14 lb Striper Newport RI




Marc Davis ,35 Lb Striper  Top water plug


July 22,2015

Grandson ,Sam Davis  25lb Striper. First time saltwater fishing



July 20,2015


Anthony Jerussi , top water striper Newport






Damon Letourneau, typical school striper




Josh with his first /fly fishing



July 8,2015


Shellie with her first striper.27 inches


July 3,2015


Stephen Caffrey Narragansett Bay





 Newport RI

 Brian Dick 16,lb striper top water


Brian with another nice fish one of many



June 23,2015


Fly fishing  Narragansett Bay.




 Gill typical school striper, light tackle






 Captains catch just big enough


June 18,2105


Paul Arrighie light tackle ,Top water Narragansett Bay



June 17,2015


June 17,2015 Dave Henault Top  water bass.


June 17,2015

June17,2015  Captain catch




Orvis fishing school Boulder Cabins

Charleston RI

Cinder worm hatch



 June 8,2015



Pamela first striper, RI  cinder worm hatch.

Pete Kutzer Orvis


 June 9 2015  


 Mitchell first striper on Fly rod. RI cinder worm hatch

Pete Kutzer Orvis 






Kenny his best of the night. RI cinder worm hatch

Pete Kutzer Orvis





Matt Mundt 18 lb striper



Jennifer Mundt first striper, first time fishing saltwater




Matt Mundt, first Striper







Gil Valentine First of many




May 25,2015



Cody Trostel 20 lb striper




October 15,2014


October15, John Fietkiewicz light tackle, false albacore


October 14,2014


Kevin Stevens ,Nice Striper on the fly


October 10,2014


 Jack Josephs Fly rod False albacore


  October 9,2014


 October 9,2014 Jamie Zartler Newport RI



 September 29,2014



Marcel first fly rod fish . False albacore,  September 29


  September 28,2014


September 28,2014 Marcel Derosier First False Albacore.


September 27,2014


                   September 27,2014 James Signorovitch , one of many False albacore



 September 18,2014



Cody Trostel First false albacore  September 18,2014



September 17,2014


September 17,2014 Jim Cassidy





September 16,2014 Gill Valentine First  of Many



September 15,2014


 September 15,2014 David Tuberfield First on a fly


September 13,2014

September 13,2014 Jim Couture



  Sept 11,2014

False Albacore first of the year.



 September 2,2014


  Jeff Grandchamp   One of many


August 18,2014


Brian, with a school striper  Monday 9/18


August 16,2014



 Smiles all around Aubrey and Carolyn. Newport August 16,2014



 August 16,2014




 Aubrey Fite getting it done


 August 12,2014

August 12,2014 Carl Borromeo with a typical school size striper fly fishing



August 10,2014


Anthony Gray, one of many school stripers taken over the weekend



July 28,2014


 July 28 Danielle Erwin first Striper


July 25,2014


July25,2014  Steele Carlson first striper, with his dad Brett







July 23,2014 Brian Dick nice striper under tough conditions


 July 18,2014



 July 18,2014 Jim Cassidy early morning bite.



 July 17,2014


July 17,2014 Captains catch Fly rod striper


July 12, 2014

Liz Aston first striper 14 lb , released to fight again



Richard Yang  Early morning bite


June 22,2014


Brian Curland and his son Miller

First striper caught  in Narragansett Bay  light tackle.





June20,2014 Captain catch 22lb



June20,2014 Cody Trostel  again



  June 18,2014




June 18,2014 Chris Whelan first striper Narragansett Bay. his  Father Tim





Dave Henault light tackle striper Newport RI



Cody Trostel Newport striper


June 16,2014

June 16,2014 Gill Valentine 31 inch striper One of many




June 11,2014 Kevin Stevens Fly rod striper Narragansett Bay





June 10 2014 Dave Eikland 18 lb Striper


 June 7,2014

 June 7,2014 Henry Tamarin Fly rod striper



June 6,2014


 June 6,2014 Cody Trostel 25 lb striper


May25,2014  Abby, First Striper



May 25 2014 His first time fishing




 Bait adult Menhaden












October 4, 2013 Bonito on the fly RI





 October3,2013 Retahna Huy  Beautiful Bonito  RI



 Dave had all species today Stripers, blues and bonito



October2,2013M Keven Stevens  




 15-20 lb Bluefish took a bite right in front of us!!!!





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