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Some of the places we fish in Rhode Island:
Narragansett Bay, RI
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Newport Fly Fishing and Light Tackle Fishing Charters on Narragansett Bay in Rhode Island

If you vacation in Rhode Island Let Captain Rene Guide you on a Narragansett Bay Light Tackle Fishing Charter.

Narragansett Bay in Rhode Island is a beautiful place and On The Rocks Charters would love to share a fly fishing trip with you at Newport or any other place on the Bay.

Imagine being on the waters off Newport Rhode Island and fly fishing for stripers in skinny water.  Feel the excitement as you're chasing blues in a feeding frenzy.  Or perhaps you dream of taking tuna on a fly.  Let On the Rocks Charters take you out for a day of fishing you won't forget.  We specialize in Fly Fishing and light tackle fishing Narragansett Bay, Newport, Point Judith, Block Island, Westerly, and Watch Hill in Rhode Island.  We cover all inshore areas of Rhode Island and Narragansett Bay.

Spend a morning or full day with me out on Narragansett Bay and let me show you my favorite places to catch your next keeper bass.  Equipment is provided and we train those who need it.   All fly and spin rods, reels, bait, flies, etc are included, no need to bring any tackle. 

We fish structure and Rhode Island waters have plenty of it.  There are rocks everywhere you go.  The Narragansett Bay shoreline is loaded with them, as well as Watch Hill reef, Block Island, they are everywhere.  Bass love to use this structure as an ambush point to hide out waiting for something tasty to come tumbling by There's nothing like pulling a nice striper out of the rocks down near Castle Hill in Newport, RI!   On The Rocks guides for  children, beginners, families, and vacationers in Rhode Island.


So if you're vacationing in Rhode Island or at Newport don't pass up the opportunity to enjoy one of the state's best recreational activities.  From Watch Hill to the Providence River, we fish the entire RI coast.    If your coming in to Newport on a cruise ship, we can pick you up where the boat drops you off and get you back in time to sail.


On The Rocks charters can take out parties of up to 3 people per vessel, for more than that we will engage another vessel.  We work with other guides when more than one boat is required.  For pure fly fishing we can’t have more than two people casting at a time.  With experienced fisherman we can handle up to 3 persons casting at a time with light tackle spinning outfits.

Rhode Island is a great place to fish, so let us guide you on your next outing.

Check out our fishing pictures page, it is updated periodically throughout the year.  Also check our rates page for any specials that may be going on.  Site last updated October 19, 2009. 

Beautiful Rhode Island Striped Bass.

Narragansett Bay Striped Bass


This is Our Newport and Narragansett Bay News section.

 Now booking charters for the season 2016

August 7 schollie stripers on the rocks

Phil Barrett with first fly rod bluefish


June 18 ,2012 Fly Rod striper 31"

 Rhode Island fishing report

 May 27,2017

 Memorial weekend

Fishing is getting better every day. Unsettled weather has slowed it a little but plenty of fish in the area. The cold front  passing this week put the fish into a deeper pattern. Slowing down and a little deeper work for my sports. Although we were unable to find larger fish, we had plenty of stripers up to 24' to keep us busy. Good time for fly and light tackle fishing. go to my report page for more detail.

May 22, 2017

Striper fishing is getting better every day. Large striper feeding on adult menhaden. School stripers and bluefish feeding on small bait in many areas along Narragansett Bay. Fly fishing and light tackle anglers catching stripers on Top water poppers and small flies. Small plastics have worked for the spin fisherman.

The weather will be warming and the holiday is just around the corner. Book you trips now.


Rhode Island Fishing section 2016


Fishing is hot.

Now is the time to book a trip. The false albacore are on the feed and big stripers have started to move in. Small bait like anchovies and silversides, are being chased by a varieties of fish. Stripers, blues up to 12 lbs and false albacore. Newport to Point Judith the fishing is good and should only get better. I will be out again soon look for my reports. Until then Tight Lines

fish report July 27, 2016

fishing in Narragansett Bay has slowed down considerably with a lengthy heat waves,the last five days temperatures over 91° has definitely change the fishing conditions in the state Rhode Island. Most fish moved to cooler water in Newport and Narragansett shoreline, light tackle and fly fisherman, are having a field day with 5 to 8 pound bluefish  feeding on small bait.  Newport shoreline, Striped bass fishing is an early morning game start early and usually the fish are moving deeper by 8: 30 in the morning. For the light tackle fishing Jumpin minnow has worked great. For the fly fisherman, floating line and a medium size gurgler work very well, with surface feeding fish, but most poopers would work. With the sighting of Bonito along Newport and extreme temperatures small bait fish have been pushed out of the bays and harbors to the cooler water, all good signs for bonito, and false albacore to make an appearance. I'll be out again soon look my report. Until then tight lines


 Fishing report 2016
Updated reports June6 ,2016
Striper fishing in Rhode Island is getting better every day. Big fish continue to feed in the Providence River on adult menhaden. Port of Providence live lining seems to be the best option for big stripers right now. In the past week I have been fly fishing Narragansett Bay working structure along the channel edges and drop offs. Rocky shorelines and structure hold school size bass on the incoming tide. Fish up to 27 inches with many bigger fish mixed in. The report of small sand eels along Block Island's North rip ,and along the Southwest shoreline. It won't be long before the bass take residence up along Block Island Southwest shore. Bluefish continue to feed on baitfish in Narragansett Bay, 2 to 3 pound bluefish working small bait pods of silversides can be found along East Greenwich and Warwick shoreline. Along South County the worm hatch is still continuing, in some of the salt ponds, the reports are scarce. I will be out again soon look my report. Until then tight lines. Capt. Rene Letourneau


August 2015

Bonito have arrived

Green bonito along Rhode Island coastline, chasing small bait along South county and Newport to Narragansett. Now is the time for light tackle and fly fisherman to catch this fast moving fish. Nothing like the sound of a screaming drag. Game on, look for my report.

 July 31,2015
Winds - West Southwest 5-10
Hot and Humid

Well the month of July is past us, and the fishing has changed immensely last two weeks. The extremely warm weather, has increased the water temperature and the stripers have found comfort in cool deeper water. Most of my fishing this past two weeks, started very early in the morning. It also has moved out to deep water, slow presentation seemed to be triggering some enormous hits. Most mornings the past two weeks the fishing has been early morning bite. There is a lot of small bait in the area silver sides, sand eels, and peanut bunker. Large schools of bait can be found anywhere along Newport's, Ocean Drive  extending to Narragansett shoreline. I have reports of some bait fish along the beaches in South County.  I wont be long . We should see some Bonito and False albacore soon. I'll be out again soon look my report. Until then tight lines

July 7 to July 12, 2015.
Fishing along Rhode Island's coastline is very good right now. There is an abundance of bait, along our shoreline. Sand eels ,squid,small butter fish can be found at different times. School size stripers with a bigger fish in the mix can be found almost anywhere. Rocky shorelines along Newport, has produced loads school size stripers up 26 inches.Fly fishermen are connecting using sinking lines. Small flies such as sand eels, small bait fish imitations work the best. Fish along  South County can be good one day and not so good the next.
You could find bait fish in one area today, and same area void of it the next day. Find bait and you generally will find stripers. Block Island is producing large fish for those fishing deep with  eels, or trolling wire line. Light tackle and fly fishermen have a difficult time finding a consistent bite around the island. Narragansett Bay Rhode Island water temperature has started to increase ,the fish have moved out along Rhode Island's coastline. Large schools of adult Menhaden can be found in the Bay. Stripers still feeding on large bunker. Look for bunker most anywhere in Narragansett Bay. With large stripers and bluefish feeding below them. The bluefish are becoming more active around the coastline with reports of 8-10 pounds fish . These toothy critters can be great fun light tackle and flies. I will be out again soon look my report. Until then tight lines




If you're looking for some great saltwater fishing, now is the time to visit Rhode Island. Large stripers are feeding in Narragansett Bay, schools of adult menhaden are being chased around the Bay by stripers and 30 pound class. Light tackle and fly fisherman, a connecting with good numbers of 18 to 25 inch school stripers with the occasional large fish in the mix. Top water plugs, can produce massive hits. This week small bait, started moving around the Bay now is the time to be fishing. Visit the ocean state let me show you my favorite places I'll be out again soon look my report. Until then tight lines


April 30,2015

The Osprey have arrived in New England and have completed rebuilding thier nest after a long cold winter. Searching for food along Narragansett Bay, and Rhode Island's Rocky shoreline. Herring have flooded into the river's, to continue the cycle of life. Soon the stripers were be entering the Bay, and the fishing will be fast and furious. I have open days for May and June. The boat is ready to go. Fishing  will start next week, look for of my reports. Until then tight lines

Monday  August 4, August 11, 2014.

Fish report for Rhode lsland coastal waters.

The beginning of the week. Fishing was as normal, school stripers along Rhode Island Rocky shoreline. With good numbers of small bait in the area stripers could be found most anywhere. On Wednesday a storm moved through off coast, with very little impact on our fishing. Friday's full moon and extended high tides made it difficult for light tackle fly fisherman. Reports of fast-moving, what appeared to be bonito, or false albacore.  Sightings scattered from watch Hill 1n Westerly, Rhode Island, with several sightings along the southern coast and along the coast of  Newport. School size stripers are still located along Rhode Island's Rocky shoreline but heavy tides and fast-moving current made it difficult to keep them in one area. Fishing will improve soon as the tides lesson ,with a bright sunny skies and clear forecast ahead. Soon we can be fishing for fast-moving hard tails. I will be out again soon look for my report. Until then tight lines


Rhode Island fish report June 23, 2014

From Newport to Narragansett striped bass are feeding on the surface on small bait. Fly fishing light tackle enthusiasts are taking stripers from 18 to 27 inches with larger fish in the mix. The Providence River in Narragansett Bay I still holding an abundance of adult menhaden. Light tackle fly fishing can produce school stripers with larger fish in the mix along the rocky shoreline of Narragansett Bay. In the Providence River, large menhaden are being devoured by large stripers in the 30 to 40 pound class along with bluefish 8 to 9 pounds.

Block Island still that has not developed as a should for this time of the year. Finding the bait can be a problem most of the fish are found down deep. Fly fishing light tackle guys are having difficult time hooking up with a consistent bite around the block. Surf fisherman from Narragansett to point Judith are connecting with bass along Rocky shoreline during the evening tides. The most activity appears to be in Narragansett Bay and along the Newport oceanfront at this time. Small bait possibly juvenile Herring in good numbers can be found throughout the Bay in and along Newport ocean drive. I'll be out again soon, look for my report until then tight lines



Rhode Island fish report from Newport to Narragansett Bay.

Narragansett Bay is alive the school size stripers  around the rocky shoreline. Light tackle anglers are catching stripers up to 26 inches with bigger fish in the mix. Top water baits work fine small jigs with plastic baits also get the job done. Fly fishing catching stripers using deceivers in clousers and sinking lines. Big  fish from 15-30 pounds can be found along the Providence River at the mouth Narragansett Bay using fresh live line menhaden. Stripers can be found also from point Judith and Narragansett. Go to my fishing reports page for more details of your again soon with my reports thank you tight lines


June 2, 2014

Rhode Island fish report, from point Judith to Newport including Narragansett Bay.

 May has come and gone and June is upon us and the weather has finally turned to the better side of 50 degrees. Last few days weather has been in normal range with temperatures reaching 70°. Fishing along  ocean state has improved considerably.

Block Island, showing signs of life with  reports of bluefish and stripers taken along the North rip and along the south side of the island. Stripers and bluefish can be found from Narragansett to Newport, along the rocky shoreline.

   Narragansett Bay, small stripers can be found along structure with light tackle and fly fishing. Fish up to 24 inches, taking small flies along the shoreline  with top water baits. Large fish can be found in the Providence River into the Seekonk River as far down as Pawtucket feeding on menhaden. Stripers up to 30 pounds reported in the Providence RI. live lining menhaden or chunk bait seems to be the method of choice. Reports of striped bass and bluefish along Brenton reef in Newport and along Jamestown structure. Surf fisherman connecting a large stripers along Narragansett with the evening tides.

Look for improving fishing conditions as the weather stabilizes, average temperature should be in the 70° range with the overnight lows above 50. June is here and the best is yet to come I'll be out again soon look for my report until then tight lines


Rhode Island Update May 17,2014

Narragansett Bay to Rhode Island sound May 17, 2014

there is a saying in fishing find bait and you'll find the fish well we've had bait for about 10 days and finally the fish have found them. My trip this week scored big on school size stripers up to 24 inches. Go to my reports page for more.

 Narragansett Bay to Rhode Island sound May 10, 2014
things are starting to come together here in the ocean state a large push of squid up to14"report from Newport and Jamestown. The last three days reports of striped is along Newport, Jamestown, South County and into Narragansett Bay. Most fish run from a size 14 to 22 inches bigger fish have not arrived yet with the amount of bait in the area this will happen soon. Large schools of menhaden flooding into Narragansett Bay is like ringing the dinner bell. As the weather warms the larger fish will move into the area. I will be out again soon look for my report until then tight lines



Rhode Island fish report May 5, 2014


Well its the first week of May and unseasonably cold spring has delayed the start of the fishing season for 2014. Water temperatures for the Ocean state are below normal range from 48° to 50° throughout the state. Signs of life starting to appear with the warm weather. Squid have started to appear in Newport and Jamestown , adult menhaden have also been seen throughout Narragansett Bay. Some reports of striped bass caught along South County beaches, and along the Providence River.

Look for stripers along the  South County and also Narrow River, Providence River and in Narragansett Bay. Soon reports of stripers being caught along Newport's many reefs during the evening tides. I will be looking for fish in the coming weeks look for my reports until then tight lines.





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