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Some of the places we fish in Rhode Island:
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Newport Fly Fishing and Light Tackle Fishing Charters on Narragansett Bay in Rhode Island

If you vacation in Rhode Island Let Captain Rene Guide you on a Narragansett Bay Light Tackle Fishing Charter.

Narragansett Bay in Rhode Island is a beautiful place and On The Rocks Charters would love to share a fly fishing trip with you at Newport or any other place on the Bay.

Imagine being on the waters off Newport Rhode Island and fly fishing for stripers in skinny water.  Feel the excitement as you're chasing blues in a feeding frenzy.  Or perhaps you dream of taking tuna on a fly.  Let On the Rocks Charters take you out for a day of fishing you won't forget.  We specialize in Fly Fishing and light tackle fishing Narragansett Bay, Newport, Point Judith, Block Island, Westerly, and Watch Hill in Rhode Island.  We cover all inshore areas of Rhode Island and Narragansett Bay.

Spend a morning or full day with me out on Narragansett Bay and let me show you my favorite places to catch your next keeper bass.  Equipment is provided and we train those who need it.   All fly and spin rods, reels, bait, flies, etc are included, no need to bring any tackle. 

We fish structure and Rhode Island waters have plenty of it.  There are rocks everywhere you go.  The Narragansett Bay shoreline is loaded with them, as well as Watch Hill reef, Block Island, they are everywhere.  Bass love to use this structure as an ambush point to hide out waiting for something tasty to come tumbling by There's nothing like pulling a nice striper out of the rocks down near Castle Hill in Newport, RI!   On The Rocks guides for  children, beginners, families, and vacationers in Rhode Island.


So if you're vacationing in Rhode Island or at Newport don't pass up the opportunity to enjoy one of the state's best recreational activities.  From Watch Hill to the Providence River, we fish the entire RI coast.    If your coming in to Newport on a cruise ship, we can pick you up where the boat drops you off and get you back in time to sail.


On The Rocks charters can take out parties of up to 4 people per vessel, for more than that we will engage another vessel.  We work with other guides when more than one boat is required.  For pure fly fishing we canít have more than two people casting at a time.  With experienced fisherman we can handle up to 3 persons casting at a time with light tackle spinning outfits.

Rhode Island is a great place to fish, so let us guide you on your next outing.

Check out our fishing pictures page, it is updated periodically throughout the year.  Also check our rates page for any specials that may be going on.  Site last updated October 19, 2009. 

Beautiful Rhode Island Striped Bass.

Narragansett Bay Striped Bass


This is Our Newport and Narragansett Bay News section.

 Now booking charters for the season 2013

August 7 schollie stripers on the rocks

Phil Barrett with first fly rod bluefish


June 18 ,2012 Fly Rod striper 31"


Rhode Island saltwater fishing report.

September 10, 2013

it's been a few weeks as my last report, during the time I have had several trips from Newport  to Narragansett. Bluefish in the 6 to 10 pound range, along with school stripers, can be found along the rocky shoreline and the many reefs outside Newport. Watch Hill, Rhode Island outer reefs are producing striped bass and bluefish throughout the day. Most fly fishing light tackle enthusiast are waiting for the arrival of false albacore. The weather has been very inconsistent along  Rhode Island this past three weeks . Look for the warm air flow of air to move small bait in from offshore. soon the small anchovies will appear along our coastline and the false albacore will be right behind them. As of now there have been no reports with a few catches of bonito reported. I will be out again soon look for my report until then tight lines.


August 5,2013

The month of August is upon us and this can be the most exciting time for fly fishing for light tackle anglers. The Gulfstream is moving warmer water along our coastline and with it brings a new variety species  pelagic, green bonito, false albacore, and skipjack tuna. These species can easily be found along Rhode Island's coastline and sometimes small blue fin tuna. Now is an excellent time to book a charter I have open dates available through August and September. Look for my reports until then tight lines.


July 9,2013

The large Bunker have left Narragansett bay.

Bunker has relocated to Newport harbor, they are reported  from Middletown R.I. to Newport harbor. The warm weather has moved them to deeper and cooler water. Stripers and bluefish are located around the Newport bridge and Goat island. Bluefish in the 6 lb range and school sized stripers are feeding on the surface, with the outgoing tide. Newport reefs are holding good number of fish. With hot days start early, or fish the evening tide.



Rhode Island saltwater fishing report.

As water quality  in Narragansett Bay continues to improve, striped bass and bluefish can still be found along the rocky shoreline. Look for stripers feeding against the structure and bluefish to be feeding on the surface anywhere. Large bunker is still can be found in the Bay, best place to look for baitfish would be in the coves and mouth of the Providence River. The fishing off Newport is good right now. Sand eels have flooded into area and stripers feeding during floods tide around many reefs and structure of Newport.


Ri fishing report

Rhode Island fish report Saturday, June 15 for the past week from 7 June two the 13th Rhode Island has had over 6 inches of rain.

Heavy wind and rain this past weekend kept many the charter boats tied to the dock. The water Narragansett Bay is stained due to the heavy overflow. The trip to Newport on Saturday. I found clean water and flat conditions. Many stripers were taken on heavy structure. All fish holding very tight to the reefs. As weather improved. Fishing should get better. Small krill was seen in the water with stripers at times feeding on service. From Narragansett Bay, to Block Island the fishing has been inconsistent to say the least. With the turn of the weather, hoping for improved bite. I will be out soon look for my report. Until then tight lines.



The Narragansett Bay, Rhode Island, fishing report is as follows. Providence River is holding large menhaden, with schools marauding bluefish below them. Striped bass can be found feeding down below in the deep water. Signís of small bait is almost nonexistent at this time but soon, they will flush out of the rivers into the Bay.

On the oceanfront, from watch Hill, to Block Island, sand eel's have starter to appear in Many of the estuaries and rivers. Stripers can be found along the many rocky shore.

The worm hatch is still going on in many the salt ponds along the oceanfront. But the weather has slowed down the fishing considerably cool nights and not so warm days have slowed the emergence of worms. With this weather system . The worm hatch will be over for the 2013 season.

Block Island has shown signs of life, with sand eels appearing along the south side of the island and along the North rip.  But the fishing is slower than normal due to the lack of bait.

The Narrow River along Narragansett shoreline, starting to produce small fish some bigger fish mixed in feeding on small bait. This a good spot to fish along the river with small flies and soft plastic baits Until then Tight Lines


May 18, 2013

Welcome to On The Rocks Charters

The fishing in Rhode Island is getting better every day.

The stripers are feeding on large bait all along the Providence river. Menhaden entered the bay last week and the stripers are focused on them, The best time is early morning, live lining  the bait will produce some good results. Large Bluefish are also in the bay. The morning incoming tide brought a fresh push of Stripers it will only get better. The weather has still been a factor, this week should be hot with the good morning tide. look for my reports. Tight lines



May 12,2013

The fishing is heating up with stripers taking soft plastics and top water plugs. The action can be from Prudence Island  to Providence. All you need to do is find the bait.  Look for my reports. Tight Lines



Spring has arrived and the Herring will be in the rivers very soon. Some have already migrated North.

Now booking trips for the coming season, the weather will warm and the time to fish will be hear before you know. I will post updates as the season heats up. Look for my reports Tight Lines.


Welcome to On The Rocks August 31,2012

August 31,2012

 August has come to a close and the fishing is heating up. False Albacore has  made there appearance along the South County beaches. Small bait  flows out of the many salt pond's and Narragansett bay is loaded with  baby bunker. The outlook  fro the coming month is very good.. For more report's  go to my report page. I will be out again soon look for my report Until then tight lines

 August 9,2012

yesterday  was the first time I have seen Whales off the  Newport water front, Humpback whales were  about 2-3 miles off the beach's. There was a least 2 a mother and a young calf. they  breached the  water several times and  look like they were very happy.

 The area is loaded with small bait and the Stripers and Bluefish are feeding regularly on the surface. The structure  along the ocean front  can produce some great action. The Bonito  have arrived with pods spotted for a few days along the beach they area moving fast and don't stay up for long. Best  to hold your ground and  hope for a chance at the speedsters. Small flies, will do the trick and  metal lures , deadly dick works well. now is a great time to fish  in RI look  for  my report Until then tight lines

July 12 , 2012

Fishing form Watch hill to Newport including Block Island can be on and off. Finding bait is the key factor. Right now Block Island is the most consistent fishing. The anglers  fishing in the deep water a catching good size stripers using eels. For the fly and light tackle angler there are small bluefish in some areas but the are constantly on the move. The fishing for Stripers  is not as good as it was in the years past for the light tackle angler. To find good  numbers you need to troll wire to the deep water or chunk bait on the bottom.  Soon we could see some Bonito arrive and the  action will pick up.

Newport many reefs and cooler water  will give up bass  early in the morning , with bluefish on the move looking for bait. I would say start early and work  the white water. Flies and soft plastic baits will work. I have brought many nice fish to the boat for fly anglers using a large floating  hook less plug. This puts the fish into a range for a presentation  with a fly rod. It can be very effective. Reports of Trigger fish in Newport this week.

Narragansett bay, there are reports of small bluefish in the bay  and the entrance to the Providence river. Using    chunk bait and trolling deep channels can produce  some nice  bass  still in the bay. Fishing at night seems to be  a little more consistent than the early morning. I will be out again soon look for my reports Until then tight lines

June 8 , 2012

 Fishing the ocean state is offers the light tackle and  fly-fishing enthusiast the opportunity to catch the fish of a life time. Narragansett bay and the ocean front from Newport to Watch Hill including Block Island are fishing very good right now. In the bay there is  large  bait with Menhaden and small bait appearing this week. On the ocean front form the  area around Block Island has  loads of small sand- eels with some large bait in the mix. I still have some dates open in June so now would be a good time to go  fishing. look for my fishing reports Until then tight lines

May13, 2012

 There is a mixed bag of bait in the bay with bunker and squid which should start the feeding. Look for more report's and pictures of recent charter The fishing condition continue to improve as does the weather.  The striper bite is improving with every tide  Tight Lines


May 5 2012

The fishing along the Rhode Island coast is under way, with the last two weeks bringing a mixed bag. Cold damp weather this week has slowed the migration of Stripers. There are scattered schools of large bait with little or no  predators feeding under the. I would expect this to change soon, the weather will turn in our favor this week and look for better report to come.

 Places to find fish are in the warmer water of coves and small bays, south county salt ponds are a good place to look. The report of a worm hatch  has been inconsistent with a good showing one day  and a lack of worms the next. this will all change shortly don't miss it. Now booking charters some dates are open for May and June should be prime time. Until then tight lines


May 6, 2012

The fishing along the Rhode Island coast is under way, with the last two weeks bringing a mixed bag. Cold damp weather this week has slowed the migration of Stripers. There are scattered schools of large bait with little or no  predators feeding under the. I would expect this to change soon, the weather will turn in our favor this week and look for better report to come.

 Places to find fish are in the warmer water of coves and small bays, south county salt ponds are a good place to look. The report of a worm hatch  has been inconsistent with a good showing one day  and a lack of worms the next. this will all change shortly don't miss it. Now booking charters some dates are open for May and June should be prime time. Until then tight lines




October 5,2011

The fall season is upon us  and the fishing is getting better every day. For the last month I have concentrated on catching False Albacore along Rhode Island Rocky Shore line. There is small bait along the coast and feeding fish  on them Stripers and Bluefish  can be found from Newport to Watch Hill. The fall run will continue for several weeks to come. Where there is bait we will find fish. Still time to get out and catch a fish of a life time.

 For a full report go to reports page and check out the 2011 pictures. Until Then Tight Lines

August 15,2011

 Fishing in Rhode Island  has continued to be ever changing from day to day. Narragansett Bay has slowed down to  almost no active fishing. There are Fluke to be caught in the deeper channels but the Bluefish have moved out beyond the bridges to feed on the abundance of bait. The many reefs off Newport and Jamestown are holding Stripers and Bluefish for the early morning bite. Stripers up to 15-20 lbs  feeding on small bait around the edges of the rocks. A good number of Stripers and bluefish have been landed on all trips this week. Still no sign of the Bonito with a few bait balls around it could happen anytime. I will be out again soon Look for my report Until Then Tight Lines

August 3,2011

The Ocean state is fishing great now with bait of all sizes in the mix. The Newport area is holding small bait and the Stripers and Bluefish can be found along the rocky shore. The many  reef's along the coast of Newport and Jamestown is a good place to start the search. Stripers are feeding in the deeper edges of the structure. Now is a time to hit the water. Block Island is loaded with a larger bait Half Beaks. And the fishing is very solid in the areas with bait. The fast moving bait can be found in all water depths. Bonito have entered the scene the fast moving fish are a great  challenge on light tackle or fly. I will be out soon look for my report Until Then Tight lines


 July 7,2011

The fishing in Rhode Island continues to be good, but the conditions are changing. The fig season is upon us and the Newport area can be difficult to fish at time. the many reefs area located off shore  and lack of visibility can be a problem. The bait fish is scattered along the ocean front but there is still pods of bait with fish feeding. Soon we will see a push of peanut bunker in the area which will hopefully bring assorted Tuna species to the area. Look for my reports Until then tight Lines.


 June 27,2011

Fishing is great right now with aggressive bluefish every where, and stripers feeding  in the white water off Newport many reefs. From Newport to Narragansett the surface feeds are something to see. Fish  the Ocean state for and adventure of a life time. Look for my reports Until Then Tight  Lines

 June 20, 2011

Striped bass and Bluefish in the 4-6lb range have been feeding daily on the reefs of Newport . The weeks full moon caused the stripe bite  to end early but the  feeding frenzy of the bluefish has gone throughout the day. Book your fishing trip now.

June 8, 2011

The weather has changed in Rhode Island  and so has the fishing conditions. The  action has moved to the cooler water of Newport and the  point Judith area. There are still fish in Narragansett bay, with plenty of silver side . the Bluefish feed can be exciting, but the striper action has slowed a bit. My next report s will be from Newport or Point Judith area. Until Then Tight lines

 June 5 2011

Fishing the ocean state is in full swing right now. The Providence river is still holding  substantial  amount of Menhaden, the bay is alive with small bait. The fishing is a little different than last week. The fish are deeper due to the cold front that is upon us at this time. fish  deeper and much slower to score on stripers of all sizes. On the fly I have found bass among the rocks with a sinking line. I will be out again soon look for my report Until then Tight llines

June 1 2011

From Block Island to Narragansett bay, the striper fishing is getting better every day. The weather system has  turned into the favorable direction and the bait is every where. The  Bunker have moved  down into the Providence river and the silver sides are throughout the bay. Block Island is loaded with sand eels and the fishing is really starting to pick around the Island. Book  your days now for a fishing adventure you will never forget. Look for my report's  Until Then tight Lines

May 27, 2011

 Memorial day weekend

Saturday May 28,2011

The ocean state is fishing great now from Watch hill salt ponds with  the worm hatch to stripers in Narragansett bay and Block Island. Now is the time to book the fishing trip of your dreams. look for my reports Until then Tight Lines

Friday May 27 2011

So the month of May has come and gone and the first time this month we  might see the sun for three days in a row. The weather system has move  out and we are now sitting on some good weather for the fishing, I look  for the South West wind to improve conditions. I fished Narragansett bay today and found a school  of fresh  fish entering the bay. These fish fish were on small bait and all around 10-15 lb. They were willing to eat the flies I presented to them, The fog was thick and there was little  pressure for other boaters, The schools of bait were scattered enough to keep the fish spread out over a vast area. This is what we have been waiting for, get out and fish. I have pen date's now is the time to think  about the fishing trip you always talk about. I will be out soon look for my report Until Then Tight lines

May 22 2011

This week has presented  the very uncommon weather for the late May. We should be enjoying 60-75  degree days with light winds. What we have is very wet and cold  windy conditions. As the month draws to the memorial  weekend, the front doesn't seem to want to move on. It looks and feels like March or early April. The forecast for more showers this week but steadily rising temperatures. The fishing will improve and the so will the weather some day. I will be out this week look for my report. Until then Tight Lines

 May 14, 2011

The Stripers have arrived in Narragansett Bay in catchable numbers. Today the bay was alive with both bait and Striped bass. From Warwick to Providence there were reports of fish landings. look in my report section for update.

May 3, 2011

The stripers have started to appear in Rhode Island. Newport second beach  has surrendered the first fish of the season. The west wall in Point Judith  has had small stripers. The Squid is starting to show in the Newport area. Soon we will have Bunker in the bay with large bass right behind.

 The herring have entered the rivers and the Stripers will soon be on the way. The water temp is in the lmid40-50s and that is a little cold. The over night low temp will begin to climb and the warm sun will help to increase the water temp.

 The fresh water fishing season begins this weekend, with almost 100,000 stocked Trout along with the healthy population of native and  left over's there will be tight lines for every one.

 I will be out soon look for my report Until Then Tight Lines



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